Why Use Hammr

Agility and automation are key factors into today’s cloud era. It has never been easier to provision new instances on-demand with a few command-lines. However, when it comes to the actual machine images used to provision these instances, well by and large they are still created and maintained by hand.

With the explosion of different hypervisors (VMware, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V to name a few) and cloud platforms (Amazon, Azure, Google Compute Engine, CloudStack, OpenStack, Flexiant, Eucalyptus etc) and the desire to have the flexibility to use one or more of these platforms (hybrid cloud use-case, avoid lock-in etc ); manually creating and maintaining machine images threatens the agility of how you use the cloud.

The goal of hammr is to provide a mechanism to automate and industrialise the way you create and maintain your machine images; and a way to migrate existing workloads to other platforms.

Hammr benefits include:

  • Avoid cloud lock-in. With the same configuration file, build repeatable and consistent machine images for different cloud platforms; or use the migration facility to move your workload.
  • Support hybrid cloud scenarios, being able to onboard the same software stacks to multiple cloud platforms.
  • Provides full software governance of the entire stack; from operating system packages, custom software, licenses and configuration.
  • Simplify life-cycle management and easily update your stacks by using the package upgrade or roll-back mechanisms.
  • Reduce development cycles by facilitating collaboration between engineering teams